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Another Indonesia-Malaysia Dispute: Tortor Dance

I disappear a lot do I?

Oh well.

It’s month 4 at the neighbor country. Less than a month left before going back to my homeland, and I can’t wait! Been dreaming a lot about going to the airport, but always wake up before I board the plane. It’s not important. Other than the fact that my subconscious can’t wait to go back.

But never mind.

Anyway, seems like Indonesia and Malaysia got another culture to fight about. This time, it’s Tortor dance. It’s clearly an Indonesian culture from North Sumatra. Tapanuli, to be exact. I heard something about Malaysia wanted to claim it as its own. However, some news stated that it’s just a misunderstanding. Malaysia acknowledged the culture, but not exactly want to claim it.

Which one is the right one?

I don’t know, you can’t really trust the media these days. They tend to twist the stories and make it sounds like one side is right, and the other is wrong, even if the truth said the otherwise.

Aside from the fact that the truth is unclear, both Indonesian and Malaysian people started their fight (again) through social media. I just found out few hours ago that one Malaysian Twitter account got hacked by an Indonesian hacker because the owner said some really awful things about Indonesian people.


It’s another thing to say that one culture is yours, but it’s really uncalled for to mock them. Seriously, both sides act like kids. But as an Indonesian, I know how it feels when you know that it’s an Indonesian culture, yet Malaysian people says it’s theirs.

One thing I remember most is when I was on my Orientation Week at USM, and the Student Buddies were presenting about Malaysian cultures and local clothes. One of the Buddies wore Kebaya, and said that it’s an original Malaysian clothes.

And I’m like, “Say what?”

I’m a pure Javanese, and I KNOW that it’s been an Indonesian culture for centuries. If anything, it should be a Melayu culture, not Malaysian. Since, you know, Malaysia was originally part of Indonesia.

Shocked? Well here’s the simple explanation.

Before the European colonization began, there was a kingdom called Majapahit. In its prime time, the kingdom was so big, it encompassed most of the modern-day Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, and Southern Thailand. You can read more here.

Now you get why Indonesian and Malaysian people fight a lot, right? We’re practically siblings! As young countries who love their nation a lot, it’s only normal that we love it more than we love ourselves.

All I’m saying is that both need to stop this. Indonesia have to stop acting like they care about your vast cultures, when most of the people don’t really know their own cultural clothes, songs, etc.

And Malaysian need to stop with this “culture-claim” thing they’ve been doing. It’s getting old. Make your own. Oh, and the word “indon”? It’s not nice. Stop it.

One more thing. I still think that Indonesia is the TRUEST ASIA. You better change your tourism slogan, Malaysia.

Sue me.


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