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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie in my blog. Not that there are no movie worth writing about. Mostly I did not have enough words to express what I felt about the movie. For example, The Avengers. I rated the movie 5 out of 5 stars on my RottenTomatoes account, and I still can’t explain why I enjoyed the movie so much.

But this time it’s different. My head’s filled with words about this particular movie the minute the credit rolled.

As always, I will not give any spoilers about the movie. This is merely my review, and it might sound too subjective, since I love it so much.

For starters, the movie is actually the continuation of The Dark Night. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do. It’s best if you also watch Batman Begins beforehand, to really grasp the flow of the story. If you don’t, then I suggest you just shut your mouth and enjoy the movie to its fullest.

The story began after 8 years of Harvey Dent’s death, and Gotham City was at peace. Or so the Mayor thought. New villain’s in town, and he’s not clownin’ around. No offense there, Joker. Again, this new villain, Bane – like the previous villains – tried to correct the Gotham, with his own ideology. That’s basically the plot, so you’re not completely blanked out about the movie.

Now, where to begin the review…. The Characters?

I loved the new characters in this movie. Anne Hathaway is perfect as Catwoman. Marion Cotillard is definitely hotter than the previous “Bat-girls”. Bane? Well I personally love Tom Hardy. However, as a villain, nothing beats Heath Ledger as The Joker. Not even close, at that.

Next, the story.

I think The Dark Knight is better in terms of storyline than The Dark Knight Rises. However, I like the ending of The Dark Knight Rises better. One thing to highlight about The Dark Knight Rises is the fact that Batman is, and always will be, Bruce Wayne. Kinda miss that fact in The Dark Knight. I’ll say that in The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is more….human-like.

And now, my favorite part of the review, the action sequences.

The Dark Knight Rises definitely win in this aspect over The Dark Knight. There were some scenes where my jaw literally dropped by how awesome the action sequence was. I even considered on buying a Bat-pod because Catwoman looked so good in it. (No, it wasn’t a spoiler. There are lots of pic of Anne Hathaway in the Bat-pod anyways)

All in all, in so many ways, The Dark Knight might be better than The Dark Knight Rises. At least, that’s what some of my friends thought. However, I still think The Dark Knight Rises is better, in terms of cast and action sequences.

In the end, Christopher Nolan has done it again. He may disappointed me with Batman Begins, but he made it up on The Dark Night. This time, he effed my head so bad with (I’m not sure about this) the end of the trilogy. The ending might not be perfect, but it definitely excited me about what will Warner Bros produce next for Batman. If you love Batman, or superheroes, this is your kind of movie. Fight for the tickets!

The rating? Perfect 10 from me.

P.S.: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring kids to this movie. It’s not a family-outing movie like The Amazing Spiderman, where the villain is a lizard. Too many violence for kids to see. So please, save your kids from boredom and keep them safe in their blankets at home, instead of annoying other people who really want to enjoy the movie in the cinema.

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