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I have a love-hate relationship with instant noodles. I love the taste, but I hate it when I realize that it’s not a healthy food to eat. It’s a pity, actually, because I like making instant noodles. Easy to make and customize, at least for me 🙂

Anyways, I found an interesting page tonight. A fella named Hans Lienesch, or also known as The Ramen Eater listed the Top Ten Best Instant Noodles in the World. You can read the list here.

Out of all ten noodles, I’ve eaten three of them. Yes, they’re all Indonesian, and yes, all three lived up for their reputation. They’re all very tasty for instant noodles, and totally worth the calories 😀

Now that the Ramen Eater has listed the top ten best noodles, I guess I can add one more thing to my bucket list: try all of them!

p.s.: The best noodle is actually my brother’s favorite noodle. My mom used to buy one every time we go shop for groceries. It’s best eaten with eggs, although sometimes I add sausage too 🙂

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