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Modus Anomali (2012)


A man is on a holiday in the woods with his wife and two kids when they are surprised by the arrival of an uninvited guest. Suddenly, he experiences a time lapse. Before he understands what’s going on, he finds himself separated from his family. And when he starts finding several alarm clocks that seem to have been planted throughout the woods, he knows he has to race with time if he wants to see his family alive.

Basically that was sort of the synopsis of the movie from Rotten Tomatoes, and to be honest, I can’t tell you further or I’ll spoil the story. I’m guessing this review might not be spoiler-free too for some people, even though I WILL NOT reveal the ending here.

Last year I’d been waiting for this movie to be released in cinemas, because, well, I love Joko Anwar’s works (his movie “Pintu Terlarang” was good too, by the way, so make sure you check it out too). Unfortunately, when this movie came out, I was in Malaysia for a student exchange, so I couldn’t enjoy the cinematic experience. Thankfully, the DVD version of the movie came out, so I could still (sort of) enjoy it at home.

First of all, for a 86-minute-thriller, this movie is quite slow, so be patient. I was quite bored the first 30 minutes, but good things come to those who wait, and trust me, it was WORTH IT. There are many things to highlight about this movie, and I couldn’t list which one is the most important, so I’ll just list it in order of “appearance”.

1. The language. I know this is an Indonesian movie, but the movie is in English. Literally. I don’t know why, but somehow we have this understanding that if the movie is Indonesian, then the title and the language used in the movie must be Indonesian. Well not Modus Anomali. The title might be very Indonesian, but the language used is full-on English. Some might get annoyed with the Indonesian-accent or the English used in the movie (and all the props inside), but not me. I’m really happy with it.

2. The main actor, Rio Dewanto. His expressions throughout the movie really made the movie, and really made you question the clues you gather along the movie. Before Modus Anomali, I’ve seen his act on “Arisan 2” (where he acted as a gay guy, and trust me, he looked really gay then), and also on “?” (Tanda Tanya), and he is really, really good.

3. The make-ups and props. There’s nothing more satisfying than a thriller/gore movie with a decent and beliavable blood, scar, or wound, and Modus Anomali scored with flying colors.

4. The story. Most thriller movie ends with every questions and mysteries answered in the end, and you get out of the cinema with a certain satisfaction of knowing about it. For me, this doesn’t happen with Modus Anomali. You finish the movie with questions and doubts; you doubt whether the movie is good or not; whether your guess about the plot is the right one or not; or whether the clues you picked up along the way are real. In a way, this movie forces you to discuss it with people who watch it with you, and when you finally understand about the premise of the movie, you’ll actually think, “Damn, this is genius.”

I might be exageratting, but that’s what I felt after watching the movie. Before Modus Anomali, I watched The Conjuring, but I’m not satisfied with it. Sure, it’s quite scary, but in the end, it’s not that good compared to other horror movies I’ve watched. With Modus Anomali, I was not sure the movie was good or not, and I started having questions But after I found the answers, I was really satisfied, and understood what Joko Anwar want. This is a good movie.

But, if there’s any similarities between Modus Anomali with The Conjuring, is I wish it can go at least a step further. It can be better, this is why I give Modus Anomali 9 out of 10.

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Perahu Kertas (2012)

I needed a day to think about what I want to write about this movie, cause I had a hard time deciding what I feel about the movie. I know I was excited to watch this movie, partly because it’s an adaptation from one of my favorite Indonesian writer, Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari.

For you who haven’t read the novel, Perahu Kertas (or Paper Boat, in English) is a story about two youngsters Kugy and Keenan, where they tried to find their role and passion in life. The story revolves around these two, with Neptune as their witness. Curious? It’s a really interesting story by Dee, although I must say it’s not my favorite among all her works.

Aside from the story, I really enjoyed the casts. Hanung Bramantyo and Dee picked the perfect casts, from the peculiar Kugy (Maudy Ayunda), cool and collected Keenan (Adipati Dolken), lovely couple Noni (Sylvia Fully) and Eko (Fauzan Smith), the young curator Wanda (Kimberly Ryder), the mature, almost Goddess-like Luhde (Elyzia Mulachela), and the Knight in shining armor Remi (Reza Rahardian). Overall, I’m happy with the casts, cause they played their parts perfectly.

Now, my favorite part of the movie: the scoring. I fell in love with Dee after the Rectoverso album, and I’m glad she’s involved in the scoring of Perahu Kertas also. The soundtracks are perfect for the movie. Not to mention Maudy Ayunda’s voice is perfect in singing Perahu Kertas, the main soundtrack for the movie. You can see that I said the word “perfect” many times, and trust me, it’s lack of better words.

I must say that I had a mixed feeling about the movie after I stepped out of the theatre, and my friend, with whom I watched the movie with, haven’t read the novel, so she can’t really say much about it. Throughout the movie, I knew it was not that far from how Dee described the settings and characters. I enjoyed it, but I felt something missing from the movie. I hope it’s only the fact that there are two parts of the movie, and maybe I’ll feel complete after I watch the second part.

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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie in my blog. Not that there are no movie worth writing about. Mostly I did not have enough words to express what I felt about the movie. For example, The Avengers. I rated the movie 5 out of 5 stars on my RottenTomatoes account, and I still can’t explain why I enjoyed the movie so much.

But this time it’s different. My head’s filled with words about this particular movie the minute the credit rolled.

As always, I will not give any spoilers about the movie. This is merely my review, and it might sound too subjective, since I love it so much.

For starters, the movie is actually the continuation of The Dark Night. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do. It’s best if you also watch Batman Begins beforehand, to really grasp the flow of the story. If you don’t, then I suggest you just shut your mouth and enjoy the movie to its fullest.

The story began after 8 years of Harvey Dent’s death, and Gotham City was at peace. Or so the Mayor thought. New villain’s in town, and he’s not clownin’ around. No offense there, Joker. Again, this new villain, Bane – like the previous villains – tried to correct the Gotham, with his own ideology. That’s basically the plot, so you’re not completely blanked out about the movie.

Now, where to begin the review…. The Characters?

I loved the new characters in this movie. Anne Hathaway is perfect as Catwoman. Marion Cotillard is definitely hotter than the previous “Bat-girls”. Bane? Well I personally love Tom Hardy. However, as a villain, nothing beats Heath Ledger as The Joker. Not even close, at that.

Next, the story.

I think The Dark Knight is better in terms of storyline than The Dark Knight Rises. However, I like the ending of The Dark Knight Rises better. One thing to highlight about The Dark Knight Rises is the fact that Batman is, and always will be, Bruce Wayne. Kinda miss that fact in The Dark Knight. I’ll say that in The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is more….human-like.

And now, my favorite part of the review, the action sequences.

The Dark Knight Rises definitely win in this aspect over The Dark Knight. There were some scenes where my jaw literally dropped by how awesome the action sequence was. I even considered on buying a Bat-pod because Catwoman looked so good in it. (No, it wasn’t a spoiler. There are lots of pic of Anne Hathaway in the Bat-pod anyways)

All in all, in so many ways, The Dark Knight might be better than The Dark Knight Rises. At least, that’s what some of my friends thought. However, I still think The Dark Knight Rises is better, in terms of cast and action sequences.

In the end, Christopher Nolan has done it again. He may disappointed me with Batman Begins, but he made it up on The Dark Night. This time, he effed my head so bad with (I’m not sure about this) the end of the trilogy. The ending might not be perfect, but it definitely excited me about what will Warner Bros produce next for Batman. If you love Batman, or superheroes, this is your kind of movie. Fight for the tickets!

The rating? Perfect 10 from me.

P.S.: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring kids to this movie. It’s not a family-outing movie like The Amazing Spiderman, where the villain is a lizard. Too many violence for kids to see. So please, save your kids from boredom and keep them safe in their blankets at home, instead of annoying other people who really want to enjoy the movie in the cinema.

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Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Later today I just felt like watching Moulin Rouge! and write a review on the movie. I know it’s released about a decade ago, but I know that this musical will always be regarded as one of the best musical film ever made. As always, I will begin the review with the plot.

The story takes place in France in 1899, where a young writer named Christian (Ewan McGregor) came to Montmartre to be a writer who writes a story about love. The problem is, he’d never been in love. Suddenly, he came across a bohemian group who’s rehearsing for a play called Spectacular Spectacular. And then after a befuddling introduction into Moulin Rouge and its bohemian idelogy, lo and behold, he’s suddenly meet and fell in love with Satine (Nicole Kidman), a beautiful courtesan, a star in the nightclub. After that, you can watch this movie yourself, because I just can’t spoil it any more than this 🙂

When this movie was released, about a decade ago, my parents wouldn’t let me watch this movie. Ten years later, after I watched this movie myself, I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t. In general, Moulin Rouge! is a musical drama that doesn’t involve many adult scene. I’m just glad that I still keen on watching this movie, even after it was almost impossible to find 😛

Overall, I was very impressed with the combination of the story and the music, because I just can’t imagine any other way to deliver this beautiful musical drama. You’ll get what I mean after you watch it 🙂 As for the acting, I can’t think of any other actors and actresses that can act for these characters, especially Nicole Kidman. I can’t imagine any other actress to play the role of Satine, since she played the part perfectly, it’s as if she IS Satine herself. As for the music, the synthesis of the music was very beautiful, so I take my hat off (if I ever wear one :P) to Craig Armstrong and Marius DeVries, for making some enchanting musics.

In some part, I thought that the director (Baz Luhrman) or maybe the editor (Jill Bilcock) has had too much caffeine while making this beautiful fast-paced musical, since some scenes is going very fast that I can’t wrap my head around it for a moment. But still, in the end it all makes sense. If this musical was a REAL musical (and not a movie), I would be the first to give standing ovation. No wonder this movie won many award, some of them are Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, Best Actress, and Best Original Score. It’s such a beautiful movie, that I would give this 9 out of 10. If you love music and drama as much as I do, you shouldn’t miss this movie!

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Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park (2010)

Finding a decent movie in Indonesia is like finding a needle in a hay sack. It’s close to impossible, but when you find it, it’s worth the search. Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park (Sunday Morning in Victoria Park) in my opinion is one of the few decent movie in Indonesia. Sets in downtown Hong Kong, the movie captures the life of Indonesian labor, especially women.

The main character of the movie is Mayang (Lola Amaria) who works in Hong Kong to search for Sekar (Titi Sjuman). Despite their hate for each other, Mayang still searched high and low for the troubled Sekar. The movie also captures the images of women labor overseas (or in this case, Hong Kong). Only few of the cast is a professional (and when I say professional, I meant those who ever act in front of the camera), but they all played their role naturally.

Unfortunately, I personally think that the movie lacks its “drama” for Mayang. In the movie, Mayang is quite fortunate compared to the negative image of Indonesian labors overseas. Some also say that Lola Amaria’s blank expression in her acting made Mayang so rigid, although I personally think that she played the role beautifully. Nevertheless, Lola Amaria succeeded in conveying Indonesian laboring overseas in her perspective.

This movie really worth the time (and money if you have to pay to watch) by Indonesian people, especially those who named the Indonesian labor by “Devisen Heroes”. Also, this movie is very suitable as a socialization medium for labor applicants who wants to work overseas, so that they can reconsider their decision, not just because of the salary in foreign currency. Therefore, I rank this movie 7,5 out of 10.

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