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About Death

If there’s anything that I hate the most, is death. All in all, I hate goodbyes, and death is that inevitable goodbye that couldn’t be undone. This is why I hate funerals, obituaries, or even the simplest goodbye like taking someone to the airport. I hate the idea of seeing someone for the last time and not meet them again ever, because deep down you know that death is always lurking and hit you when you least expect it.

I don’t consider myself to be a devout Catholic, but I believe that God created us for a reason. We live for that reason, and as long as we haven’t finish it, we’re “stuck” here on earth. Some people live for 100 years for that, and some die in a matter of minutes. I think their life span means something, sometimes even they don’t know what it is, and it’s up to us to understand what it means.

I believe in the saying “only the good die young”. I believe that if someone is so good, or even angel-like, she/he won’t live long, because God doesn’t want them to be contaminated with sins. So far, friends my age that have died has always been good people. They were all kind-hearted, impossible to hate, and loved my many. Their death has always been very sudden, and all died a peaceful death, surrounded by their family and close friends, who cried their heart out.

If there’s any good thing about death, it’s a reminder about time.

It reminds us that us humans don’t live long, and that sooner or later we will perish under any circumstances.

It reminds us that moments with our family and friends will not last forever, because they, too, will pass away, and become mere memories.

It reminds us of what we’ve done so far in our lives, whether we’ve been good or bad to those around us.

But lastly, and most importantly, it’s a reminder of what we have in our lives, and if we’ve been taking it for granted. We never know what we have in our lives until they’re gone, and in the end death will remind us in the cruelest way possible: by taking them away from us.

And you know what, even after all that “reminder” things above, I still don’t consider death “a beautiful thing”. Not even for a bit.

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