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5cm. (2012)


Let’s just say that everybody’s been waiting for 12th of December 2012 (12-12-12) to come. Some say it’s the apocalypse (Mayans said it’s gonna be on the 21st, but oh well), and some just say it will only occur once in our lifetime, and we’re not gonna get another triple digits until another century-BUT ANYWAY.

I’ve been waiting for this day as well: the movie version of “5cm.”! I was really anxious to find out about how this movie goes. Will it be better than the book? Or will it be just another attempt to make a movie “inspired” by the book, and failed horribly?

First, about the cast. I must say that most of the cast was really spot on. However, I though Riani was supposed to be more of a sweet girl than a hot-girl-that-nobody-can-ever-lay-their-hands-on. Raline Shah was way too hot to be Riani, at least for me. The rest of the cast was good enough, but sometimes their expressions are just….eh. Sure, they made it look believable like they’ve been friends for 10 years, but in some scenes they didn’t act very natural.

Maybe it was the dialogue that made their acting fell short? I’m not really sure. But I really do think that their conversation were way too cliche. Too bad, actually, because I thought the way-too-dramatic-words were replaced to made it more natural on the screens, but apparently, they didn’t. Some people said the dialogue are pretty cool and inspiring, I say it was pretty boring. Not really something I love to watch in a cinema, as much as reading it in words. After all, they say the movie was “inspired by the book” and not “based on the book”.

Let’s just say, for me, it’s neither very good or very bad. I still think the book is better than the movie, since the depth of the story develops better through the book. I can’t really say it failed either, because I still love how Rizal Mantovani shoots the majestic Mahameru. I also really appreciate the fact that each cast didn’t use any doubles and really climbed the highest mountain in Java with their own feet, so bravo!

Still, I expected more out of this movie than just good casts and scenes. I want a great story as well, and I didn’t get it.

Rating? Six out of ten, just because I read the book already.

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