Ouval Research Presents “Saturday Swing” with Mocca!

Okay I couldn’t be more excited to write this post. I don’t even know where to start!

Where should we start? Hmmm…

Hmm? Who’s Mocca, you say?

Well if you live in Indonesia and haven’t even heard of this awesome band, then you must’ve been living under a rock. The band itself was formed in 1997 and have been quite popular despite the fact that they’re an indie band. I myself first listened to their first album My Diary in early 2003, and by then I was a year late! So far they’ve recorded three albums, one EP, and many other singles (correct me if I’m wrong here, you can Google/Wikipedia them for more info).

Anyways, history aside, after all these years of listening to their songs through my ups and downs (yeah yeah I know it’s corny), I finally saw them perform live in Surabaya! I’ve never even dreamed of seeing them perform before my eyes, but I did, and it was…ummm…great? No, that’s not even close… Awesome? Naaah.


First of all, I went to their Meet and Greet. I had their signatures and took pictures with them!

2013-04-27 13

Obviously I didn’t upload the photo with me in it. Don’t hate me yet, that’s not the best part of it.

During the Meet and Greet, Arina asked us what songs we want them to perform, and I just shouted “Dear Diary!” randomly. I didn’t even know why, because I was listening to ‘You and Me against the World’ all day long. When Arina and Riko heard that, I could see them startled a bit 😀 She wrote it down anyways, but said, “We can’t promise we will perform it tonight, but we’ll try.” I was a bit disappointed, although I must admit my so-called request was quite random in the first place 😛 When I shook Arina’s hand later, I told her, “‘I Would Never’ is fine too, if ‘Dear Diary’ is not possible.” She gave me a thumbs-up, and I was quite satisfied with that.

And guess what? They added ‘I Would Never’ to their set list! Maybe it’s just me, but I could swear she glanced at me during the song, as if she was singing it for me! I know the song was not as exciting as the other songs played, but she still sung it, I was really honored! The song had quite a bit of a history for me, so… *blushes*

….what? That was not the best part for you? Oh well, it was for me.

2013-04-27 19

I know it’s not exactly their biggest performance so far, but I was so mesmerized by them. I sung with Swinging Friends present in Colors, but most of all, I had FUN! I didn’t even realize that they had sung nineteen songs – with added two songs for encores – and I had force myself to leave Colors and went back home. Yeah, it’s that miserable for me.

Anyway, here’s the set list for last night’s performance (thanks to @ipankbijaks for sharing this to me via Twitter :D):
1. What If
2. I Love You Anyway
3. You Don’t Even Know Me
4. This Conversation
5. My Only One
6. Butterfly in My Tummy
7. I Remember
8. On the Night Like This
9. You
10. I Would Never
11. Do What You Wanna Do
12. Lucky Me
13. The Best Thing
14. Friend
15. Happy
16. Life Keeps on Turning
17. It’s Over Now
Encore: Secret Admirer, Swing-It Bob

And no, I didn’t snap any other pics of them performing. I said it before, I was mesmerized by their performance, and I didn’t even think about taking more pics or record their performance. I do have some other pics, but decided not to share it here >:D

Thanks to Ouval Research, Colors Pub, and Swinging Friends. Last night was definitely fun, and I’m glad I was there! And of course, to Arina, Riko, Toma, and Indra enough for making me realize that I have yet another dream to accomplish: to have you guys sing at my wedding! LOL


P.S.: I know the watermarks are annoying, but hey, those pics are mine 🙂

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The Trouble with (One-Sided) Love Is…

Getting over someone you love is hard. It’s harder when you’re getting over someone whom you had a one-sided love to. For once in our life we will somehow experience this, and for some of you, it may not be an easy process to get through.

Saying “I love you” can be liberating. To say it out loud after holding it in for so long, only to have it broken down in pieces when they say “No.”….well I can’t really describe how it feels.

The most beautiful and bold saying in love can be your greatest remorse. It leaves you alone with the regret, and you keep asking yourself, “Why did I say that?”

For what it’s worth, I like you.
And what is worse, I really do.
Things happened worse,
and we had fun fun fun ’til I said I love you.
And what is worse, I really do..

The Cardigans – For What It’s Worth

In season 7 episode 22 of How I Met Your Mother Ted portrayed the people who tried to get over someone they loved, but didn’t love them back. He’s been in love with Robin since the first episode, and even though they became a couple once, he still couldn’t get over her completely. The last confession (when Robin said no again) really struck him, and he’s having a hard time forgetting her. He sees her every time he’s with other girls, and even have imaginary conversations with her in his head. He grew tired of this, and this “conversation” happened:

Ted (T): Why are you still here?
Robin (R): Why do you think I’m still here?
T: I guess… because I’m in love with you. Why else would I be seeing your face everywhere I look?
R: Because you feel bad.
T: Of course I feel bad. I told you I love you, which is apparently the worst thing you can say to someone
R: That’s not why you feel bad. You feel bad because after you said it, you let me go away.. I know our relationship isn’t exactly what you want it to be… and I know I may not love you the way you love me… but I do love you. Isn’t that worth hanging on to..?


Sometimes you wish that your feelings for someone can be turned on and off like a lamp. But it can’t. Because things may not always work out the way we want it to be, but it’s for the better. It always is.

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5cm. (2012)


Let’s just say that everybody’s been waiting for 12th of December 2012 (12-12-12) to come. Some say it’s the apocalypse (Mayans said it’s gonna be on the 21st, but oh well), and some just say it will only occur once in our lifetime, and we’re not gonna get another triple digits until another century-BUT ANYWAY.

I’ve been waiting for this day as well: the movie version of “5cm.”! I was really anxious to find out about how this movie goes. Will it be better than the book? Or will it be just another attempt to make a movie “inspired” by the book, and failed horribly?

First, about the cast. I must say that most of the cast was really spot on. However, I though Riani was supposed to be more of a sweet girl than a hot-girl-that-nobody-can-ever-lay-their-hands-on. Raline Shah was way too hot to be Riani, at least for me. The rest of the cast was good enough, but sometimes their expressions are just….eh. Sure, they made it look believable like they’ve been friends for 10 years, but in some scenes they didn’t act very natural.

Maybe it was the dialogue that made their acting fell short? I’m not really sure. But I really do think that their conversation were way too cliche. Too bad, actually, because I thought the way-too-dramatic-words were replaced to made it more natural on the screens, but apparently, they didn’t. Some people said the dialogue are pretty cool and inspiring, I say it was pretty boring. Not really something I love to watch in a cinema, as much as reading it in words. After all, they say the movie was “inspired by the book” and not “based on the book”.

Let’s just say, for me, it’s neither very good or very bad. I still think the book is better than the movie, since the depth of the story develops better through the book. I can’t really say it failed either, because I still love how Rizal Mantovani shoots the majestic Mahameru. I also really appreciate the fact that each cast didn’t use any doubles and really climbed the highest mountain in Java with their own feet, so bravo!

Still, I expected more out of this movie than just good casts and scenes. I want a great story as well, and I didn’t get it.

Rating? Six out of ten, just because I read the book already.

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(Crappy) Dream Comes True

Have you ever dreamed of something when you sleep and it comes true in real life? It happens to me a lot, and I realized that sometimes it’s a cool thing, to get a glimpse of the future.

But that one night I dreamed of something terrible. It hurt me so bad, I feel like crap when I get up. I even decided to take a note of it, just to make sure that when it happens, I get a heads up. That note remains in my phone, and I wished I’d never even have to look at it.

But turns out the Universe thought it was my “wish”*, because it’s happening right now.
I noted every little details of that particular crappy moment, and one by one the details are showing. Until few mornings ago, when the worst detail of that dream finally showed up.


And now I’m feeling anxious of it all, because if my dream made me feel crappy, I don’t even know what would happen if it’s happening in front of my eyes. I don’t think I’m ready for it, even though I know how it will happen.

My last wish? I wish my dream will not come true. Ever.

Sounds a lot like a coward, but this time, I justify myself as being “human”, to avoid the pain even when we all know sometimes it’s inevitable.


* see the Law of Attraction and you’ll see what I mean

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Twitter Rules for Twitter “Noobs”

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009, and still getting the hang of it. Like every new social media, it started so fun, but after a while, it gets annoying. In my case, it’s because there are more and more annoying Facebook users on Twitter. What makes them annoying is that they use Twitter like they use their Facebook.

There are some major “rules” that Twitter “noobs” should know before they use Twitter, or just started to use one. I tweeted some of them repeatedly on my Twitter, but I get tired of it. So here goes.

1. DON’T ASK FOR A FOLLOW-BACK even if you know that person, unless it’s for important reasons (such as sending an urgent Direct Message). Unlike Facebook, you don’t “befriend” someone on Twitter because they’re your friends, but because of their tweets. It’s not only once or twice that I unfollowed my friends, just because their tweets are annoying or unpleasant to read. Noobs, it’s okay if you don’t have many followers. Besides, having many followers can be pretty annoying too.

2. DON’T EVER SAY “Mention me for a follow-back”. That’s a desperate act for followers, and clearly your Facebook brain talking. Seriously, don’t do it.

3. When you have a conversation going with your friends, DON’T USE RT. This usually occurs for those who use third-party Twitter client, such as UberSocial. For Example:

@XXY: Oh yeah sure, what time? RT @XXX hey are you going to watch that new movie tonight @XXY?

Seriously? Like I said, people follow you for your tweets, and trust me, unless you’re someone famous, WE DON’T REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP TO. Keep your plans to yourself and use the ‘Reply’ button.

4. Even if you use the ‘Reply’ button for your conversation, MAKE SURE THE USERNAME IS IN THE FRONT. Why? Because if it’s in the middle or in the back of the tweet, your followers still can see your annoying tweets! So please. FRONT of the tweet. NOT BACK, NOT MIDDLE. FRONT.

5. NEVER Copy-Paste someone’s tweets without their consent. There are many ways to ReTweet them besides ‘RT’ button, for example:

@oki654: Sexuality is as mysterious as love itself. Just because you are one way doesn’t mean others should follow. – @VeHandojo


@oki654: Sexuality is as mysterious as love itself. Just because you are one way doesn’t mean others should follow. (via @VeHandojo)


@oki654: RT @VeHandojo Sexuality is as mysterious as love itself. Just because you are one way doesn’t mean others should follow.

6. When you mention a bunch of people, make sure you leave a space between each one, so they can read your tweet. For example, DON’T DO THIS:

@XXX: @Xxy@Xyy@Yyy@Yyx@Yxx hey are you guys up for tonight?

Trust me, they can’t see your tweets, except if they stalk your tweets, which is very unlikely. At least for me.

7. When you want to join a quiz or a contest on Twitter (which usually requires you to follow an account and mention them) MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT PROTECTING YOUR TWEETS. Why? Because they can’t see your tweets. Duh.

8. Please write properly. Seriously, Th15 K1nD 0f WrItiN9 is forbidden on Twitter. If your Shift or Capslock key is broken, repair before you start tweeting again.

9. NEVER use Twitlonger. Life is too short to open your twitlonger links, people. There’s a reason why Twitter only provide only 140 characters per tweet: to keep you Facebookers away. If you want to quote a whole song, post it on Facebook, not on Twitter.

10. NEVER open strange links on your Direct Message (DM), even if your friend was the sender. For example:

You won’t believe what they’re saying about you behind your back. See this bit.ly/xxxx

Most likely, that DM was an attempt to hack into your Twitter account. Most of the time, your friend won’t even notice that they sent that DM, either. Twitter provided you security, but please don’t be stupid either. Carefully protect your account.

Of course, there are many “unofficial rules” on Twitter, you can even search them online. So far, those “Ten Commandments” were what I remembered so far, and will be updated over time.

Finally, don’t take things too personal on Twitter. Don’t get mad to your friend if she/he unfollowed you. Maybe your tweets are at fault, who knows?

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Owl City – The Midsummer Station Album Review

Now this is a hot stuff. This album’s been buzzing for a while now, even before it was released. If you haven’t got the chance to listen to this album, you can download it here. I myself have listened to it for about five times, and I’m gonna give my track-by-track review. But before that, you should know that my opinion for this album might not sound very objective, since I’m a fan of Owl City 😀

And now, on to the tracks!

Dreams and Disasters
I always thought that the first track of an album serves like a warm-up before a workout, and this track did its job well. It’s a great album-opener! This is my second-favourite track of the album for its cool beats, lyrics, and catchy hooks!

Shooting Star
I heard this song before in the Shooting Star EP (Extended Play), and my first reaction was, “This is Adam’s version of Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”!” The tracks are not similar, but the feeling you get when you listen to this track are the same with Fireworks.

I have a mixed feeling about this track. The intro was just “okay”, but the “I don’t need the stars in the night” part was pretty cool. I have to admit that this might be the “weakest” track of the album, though.

Another song from the Shooting Star EP. I like the Adam-Mark Hoppus’ combo in this track, but the song was just okay for me.

I’m Coming after You
Now this is a fun song, especially if you’re a cop. Cops, if you want to flirt with your crush, sing this song to her! “You got the right to remain right here with me” is the funniest part 😀

Speed of Love
Somehow, this track feels like a mash-up for “falling in love” and “racing in a track”. This track is fine, nice beats to listen to.

Good Time
I gotta tell ya, I don’t like Carly Rae Jepsen. Her voice is just…! Never mind. I’m pretty sure Breanne’s gonna sing her part throughout #OCTMS world tour, so it’s all good. This is a GREAT summer song though!

When you’re feeling down and need a motivational song, then this is it. It lifts up your spirit!

This track is the opposite of Embers. It’s one of two mellow songs in this album. The lyrics are really “deep”, so to say. When you feel like you need a soundtrack while you’re crying, this is it. Definitely a song worth listening to.

My favourite track of the album! Cool beat, catchy hooks, and, as ever, quirky lyrics. I’m imagining myself in a car speeding up in a highway with this song in the background. Yeah, it’s THAT cool!

Take It All Away
My favourite track on the Shooting Star EP, but not in this album. After hearing the other tracks, this just sounded okay.

Bombshell Blonde
A bonus track for pre-ordering the album on iTunes. Most people like this track, but not me. The dubstep part on the bridge are a bit annoying to me.

Top of the World
This is a bonus track for Japanese HootOwls. A good track to lift up your spirit, and better one to dance to!

Overall, The Midsummer Station is a great summer album. If you like dancing and summer beats like I do (not the dancing part), this is the album for you. Of course, this album’s very different from the previous two. A lot of people said this is not Owl City, but I feel like it’s the new him. He’s growing, and not the same person he was when he made Ocean Eyes. This is an Electronica Pop (or Electropop) album, unlike the first album, which sounded more as a Pop album.

Lastly, I can’t wait to jump around in Adam’s beats when he’s performing in Jakarta this November!

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Expect the Expectations

Recently there’s this movie entitled What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which was one of those best-seller-book-made-into-a-movie. Of course, this blogpost will not be about babies or pregnancy. I’m currently thinking about expectations, how it usually ruins an experience for trying out something new. It could be about movies, books, or even a relationship.

Recently I bought two books from an online bookstore. One book I loved so much, I decided to give my review on the book, and the other, I hated so much. That book was an omnibus or also known as an anthology (one book with multiple writers), in which one of the writers was one of my favorite writer, while the other was someone I know (I don’t need to tell the details). I expected so much from these two writers, especially after I had a great time reading my first book that I ordered.

But I was very disappointed. In the words of Yoda, “Disappointed, I was.”

The book was REALLY boring. I even regretted that I bought it in the first place. Some of the comments regarding the book made me anxious to read it. Some of them said it was “very touching”, “made me want to travel”, et cetera et cetera. But not me. Not even for a bit. Maybe I expected so much, or maybe that book was not for me. Still, I was very disappointed.

If I looked back, the disappointment I felt came from my expectation about that particular book. I expected it would be “very touching” and such, but it didn’t. I thought the writing would be very satisfying, but it didn’t.

Recently a friend of mine also been expecting a particular movie. She’d been expecting it for a while, and didn’t read any reviews or synopsis of the movie. She only watched the trailer once, and it was on accident. After she watched the movie, she was disappointed, because it failed her expectation.

Expectation kills, huh?

It’s really hard not to expect so much on something you’ve been expecting for a while, isn’t it? So, should we stop expecting or start wishing for the best instead?

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About Being an Editor

I’ve been thinking about what editing means to me. How did it happens, and why it became important to me – to edit someone’s writing.

I’ve been reading ever since I can remember. It all started with mangas (Japanese comics) and my love for animes (Japanese animations). My love for reading grew bigger, especially after J.K. Rowling made Harry Potter. Years went by, and my book shelf are full with books (mostly mangas and fictions). Having read all those books, it gave me knowledge on what makes a good writing, but more importantly, how to write properly.

I can’t say that Bahasa Indonesia was my favourite subject when I was still in school. But since it’s way better than those science subject (except Biology, cause I loved it), I enjoyed the subject. To this day, it still amazes me how Bahasa Indonesia have so many rules and grammars. Don’t get me started on the vocabularies. I’m an Indonesian, been speaking the language my whole life, and I still need my Indonesian Dictionary, just to make sure that I write it properly.

I took the first editing ‘job’ two years ago, when my friend needed an editor for an academic journal in my major. At that time, I realized, as smart as my fellow International Students can be, they still make mistakes in their journals! Of course, by some people editing is a perfectionists job, because flaws are always there.

I disagree.

As a reader, I think nothing is more annoying than simple mistakes in a writing. Whether it’s in a novel, an ad, a journal, anything. Simple mistakes like typographical errors (in short, typos) ruins the entire reading experience, at least for me. I once read a book from one of my favourite Indonesian writers, and was very disappointed cause the writer (or maybe the editor) mixed up the names of the characters! I tweeted my disappointment to the writer and I told him that the next prints should not have that mistake (I read the first edition). It was disappointing cause it was the biggest publishing company in Indonesia! The editor(s) should not make a stupid mistake like that!

When I edit, at least I read the draft three times, with at least two days in between. I usually fix the typos first, so it doesn’t ruin my reading experience. After that, I read the entirety of the writing, the idea behind each paragraphs and how it relates to the next. This second phase takes longer than the first, obviously. The final phase, I proofread the draft for typos (again, in case I miss anything) and my notes about the writing.

Stressful? Of course. But I enjoy the entire process. The look on the writer when I told them about the typos, comments about the story and characters, it’s all worth it.

All said and done, will I be a real editor? We’ll just wait and see 🙂

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The Not-So-Amazing Life of @aMrazing – a book by Alexander Thian


I made a draft of my review before, but one thing led to another, I lost it. It took a while for me to remember what I wrote, but here it is.

I’ll say this proudly: I’m one of those “lucky people” who pre-ordered this book way before Eid-ul Fitr, therefore got the chance to read it firsthand! Too bad I didn’t get the quoted book, though.

Moving on.

I followed Alex on Twitter for less than a year now, and I’m still enjoying his tweets. I first read his published writing on Cerita Sahabat, where he wrote several short stories. Among all the writers in that book, his stories are among the best ones, and definitely the ones I enjoyed the most. That’s why when I heard about this book, I wasted no time to pre-order it, with high expectations in my head.

And boy oh boy my expectations did not fail me. He delivered this book very nicely. It’s like you’re sitting around after a long day of work with Alex himself in a coffee shop, and he’s telling you stories. Quite relaxing, so to speak.

And not only did he share his funny stories, he also shared his life-changing story that are not only true, but it gives you – the readers – a chance to learn from his lesson. You laugh and cry with him while you read this book.

My favorite part of reading a book: finding the mistakes! (I’m sorry, it’s the bitch-editor-part of me speaking!). The editor(s) at GagasMedia really did their job well here, cause I only found one mistake, and it’s a minor one, so I don’t think people will notice it. It won’t change your experience when you read this book either, so all in all, it’s still good 🙂

I must say that I really enjoyed reading this book, and I expect more books from Alex in the years to come 🙂

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Perahu Kertas (2012)

I needed a day to think about what I want to write about this movie, cause I had a hard time deciding what I feel about the movie. I know I was excited to watch this movie, partly because it’s an adaptation from one of my favorite Indonesian writer, Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari.

For you who haven’t read the novel, Perahu Kertas (or Paper Boat, in English) is a story about two youngsters Kugy and Keenan, where they tried to find their role and passion in life. The story revolves around these two, with Neptune as their witness. Curious? It’s a really interesting story by Dee, although I must say it’s not my favorite among all her works.

Aside from the story, I really enjoyed the casts. Hanung Bramantyo and Dee picked the perfect casts, from the peculiar Kugy (Maudy Ayunda), cool and collected Keenan (Adipati Dolken), lovely couple Noni (Sylvia Fully) and Eko (Fauzan Smith), the young curator Wanda (Kimberly Ryder), the mature, almost Goddess-like Luhde (Elyzia Mulachela), and the Knight in shining armor Remi (Reza Rahardian). Overall, I’m happy with the casts, cause they played their parts perfectly.

Now, my favorite part of the movie: the scoring. I fell in love with Dee after the Rectoverso album, and I’m glad she’s involved in the scoring of Perahu Kertas also. The soundtracks are perfect for the movie. Not to mention Maudy Ayunda’s voice is perfect in singing Perahu Kertas, the main soundtrack for the movie. You can see that I said the word “perfect” many times, and trust me, it’s lack of better words.

I must say that I had a mixed feeling about the movie after I stepped out of the theatre, and my friend, with whom I watched the movie with, haven’t read the novel, so she can’t really say much about it. Throughout the movie, I knew it was not that far from how Dee described the settings and characters. I enjoyed it, but I felt something missing from the movie. I hope it’s only the fact that there are two parts of the movie, and maybe I’ll feel complete after I watch the second part.

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