Girls’ Generation’s Best Songs

In all the years of me writing a blogpost, this one is by far the most exhausting one to prepare. Not only did I take hours to listen to ALL the songs, I also have to list based on favoritism. If I have to list it based on SONE’s favoritism, I think it would be much easier, but not this one. Being a SONE noob, this one’s based on me.

In this post, I chose twenty of my most favorite SNSD songs. Since it’s the girls’ seven years of anniversary, I only chose SNSD songs, so that doesn’t include SNSD-TaeTiSeo (even though there are some songs that would definitely make the top five on this list) because it’s a sub-unit and they have their own EP already, and also SJJD (Shoujo Jidai) since, well, it’s SNSD’s anniversary!

It should make my job that much easier, right?


…not at the slightest. So after hours and hours of listening and comparing each song, here are twenty of my most favorite SNSD songs. I will only give comments to the top ten songs, but that doesn’t mean the rest are not good. The top ten are definitely better.

Firstly, the 11th to 20th place goes to:

20. Gee
19. Chocolate Love
18. Lost in Love
17. Visual Dreams (Pop! Pop!)
16. Sunflower
15. Snowy Wish
14. Promise
13. Wait a Minute
12. Back Hug
11. Mistake

Heh, didn’t thought that Gee would be in ‘last’ place, did you? I bet you didn’t even recall some of the songs above because they’re not exactly ‘hit songs’. But they were included in the albums, except for Visual Dreams. Then again, it was a group project, so it’s fine to be included, since all members were in it. And if you can see there, Taeyeon and Tiffany’s duet is in 18th place! It’s a bit unfair, but you see, it’s one of the track in I Got a Boy album, and you can’t deny that’s it’s not a bad duet to listen to, right?

Phew, ten songs to go! But before that, here’s the 6th to 10th place.

10. Dear Mom
9. One Year Later
8. Kissing You
7. Complete
6. Romantic St.

I might be stoned to death for placing Complete to be in seventh place, considering how important that song is for SONEs and SNSD itself. But memories aside, for me the songs were lacking in ‘oomph!’. Yes, the lyrics are good, but in the top five there’s a song similar to Complete which I think has a stronger ‘oomph!’ factor for me.

Oh and don’t hate on me for liking Jessica and Onew’s duet more than Taeyeon and Tiffany’s. TaeNy shippers might disagree with me, but in a duet you need harmony, right? There’s almost no harmony in Lost in Love, compared to One Year Later. I think a duet will be more meaningful if there are beautiful harmonies involved, not only two great voices in one song.

That aside, we’ve finally come to this… the best five! These five will forever have a precious memory for me, which is the reason why each song will have a brief explanation why they are chosen as the best SNSD songs for me 🙂

5. Into the New World
The first song that started it all… I included this song, since this song was somehow destined to be sung by SNSD. Even though at that time their vocal skills were still not praise-worthy, but that itself was one of the factor why this song is still good, even until now. The poetic lyrics paired by an uplifting music made this song good, but not complete, which was why the song had trouble finding its ‘owner’, until it finally found SNSD. Maybe even after SNSD’s 20th anniversary, I think I would still prefer the original and innocent voices over their mature and honed vocals.

4. Vitamin
I would say that this song is the dark horse in this list. Unless you’re a SONE or you live in South Korea, it’s very unlikely that you will know this song. I chose this song because this song is my energy pill. Every time I get pissed or sad about something, this cheery song is always able to lift my mood up instantly. Let’s face it, SNSD has recorded many uplifting songs like HaHaHa or Himnae!. But, compared to those two, this song never fails to lift my shitty mood, which, in a way is what SNSD means to me.

3. Mr. Mr.
No, I didn’t choose this song because it was SNSD’s latest single. Some people (even SONEs) said that this song failed, compared to the previous hits. I have to disagree with that. For me, this song really builds. It’s not really exciting in the beginning, but it got really, REALLY good towards the end, and you can’t help but want to listen to it again and again, just to listen to Taeyeon hitting the perfect falsetto.

2. Forever
If I have to pick one song to describe the relationship between SNSD and SONEs, this song is the perfect one. Not Promise, not Complete, but this one. Not only did the lyrics were really meaningful, you could also feel each member’s feelings. The best part about this song is definitely this part: even if a very long time passes, even if you and I become a bit different, I want to dream forever with you like this. Now do you see why I prefer this song to Complete?

1. I Got a Boy
If this song is a basketball player, it would be an all-rounder. It has everything I love in a song! I don’t understand it when people said it was confusing. For me, in the seven years of SNSD’s existence so far, this song is definitely the best proof as to why SNSD is the best girl group. I won’t get tired of this song, because of how colorful this song is. No matter how many times I’ve ‘drifted’ to other girl groups, this song really reminds me why Soshi is the best. In my opinion, the reason why the MV won a YouTube award is because the song itself is already good! You won’t get tired of hearing it over and over again. That’s how awesome this song is.

Aaand that’s the list for you! If you’ve read my post about the best SNSD MV, I Got a Boy also took the first place. Remember that I listened to each track (sometimes more than once) before deciding on the standings, and it has nothing to do with the previous list.

How about you? Have any SNSD songs that you like or maybe familiar with?

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