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Ouval Research Presents “Saturday Swing” with Mocca!

Okay I couldn’t be more excited to write this post. I don’t even know where to start!

Where should we start? Hmmm…

Hmm? Who’s Mocca, you say?

Well if you live in Indonesia and haven’t even heard of this awesome band, then you must’ve been living under a rock. The band itself was formed in 1997 and have been quite popular despite the fact that they’re an indie band. I myself first listened to their first album My Diary in early 2003, and by then I was a year late! So far they’ve recorded three albums, one EP, and many other singles (correct me if I’m wrong here, you can Google/Wikipedia them for more info).

Anyways, history aside, after all these years of listening to their songs through my ups and downs (yeah yeah I know it’s corny), I finally saw them perform live in Surabaya! I’ve never even dreamed of seeing them perform before my eyes, but I did, and it was…ummm…great? No, that’s not even close… Awesome? Naaah.


First of all, I went to their Meet and Greet. I had their signatures and took pictures with them!

2013-04-27 13

Obviously I didn’t upload the photo with me in it. Don’t hate me yet, that’s not the best part of it.

During the Meet and Greet, Arina asked us what songs we want them to perform, and I just shouted “Dear Diary!” randomly. I didn’t even know why, because I was listening to ‘You and Me against the World’ all day long. When Arina and Riko heard that, I could see them startled a bit 😀 She wrote it down anyways, but said, “We can’t promise we will perform it tonight, but we’ll try.” I was a bit disappointed, although I must admit my so-called request was quite random in the first place 😛 When I shook Arina’s hand later, I told her, “‘I Would Never’ is fine too, if ‘Dear Diary’ is not possible.” She gave me a thumbs-up, and I was quite satisfied with that.

And guess what? They added ‘I Would Never’ to their set list! Maybe it’s just me, but I could swear she glanced at me during the song, as if she was singing it for me! I know the song was not as exciting as the other songs played, but she still sung it, I was really honored! The song had quite a bit of a history for me, so… *blushes*

….what? That was not the best part for you? Oh well, it was for me.

2013-04-27 19

I know it’s not exactly their biggest performance so far, but I was so mesmerized by them. I sung with Swinging Friends present in Colors, but most of all, I had FUN! I didn’t even realize that they had sung nineteen songs – with added two songs for encores – and I had force myself to leave Colors and went back home. Yeah, it’s that miserable for me.

Anyway, here’s the set list for last night’s performance (thanks to @ipankbijaks for sharing this to me via Twitter :D):
1. What If
2. I Love You Anyway
3. You Don’t Even Know Me
4. This Conversation
5. My Only One
6. Butterfly in My Tummy
7. I Remember
8. On the Night Like This
9. You
10. I Would Never
11. Do What You Wanna Do
12. Lucky Me
13. The Best Thing
14. Friend
15. Happy
16. Life Keeps on Turning
17. It’s Over Now
Encore: Secret Admirer, Swing-It Bob

And no, I didn’t snap any other pics of them performing. I said it before, I was mesmerized by their performance, and I didn’t even think about taking more pics or record their performance. I do have some other pics, but decided not to share it here >:D

Thanks to Ouval Research, Colors Pub, and Swinging Friends. Last night was definitely fun, and I’m glad I was there! And of course, to Arina, Riko, Toma, and Indra enough for making me realize that I have yet another dream to accomplish: to have you guys sing at my wedding! LOL


P.S.: I know the watermarks are annoying, but hey, those pics are mine 🙂

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