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(Crappy) Dream Comes True

Have you ever dreamed of something when you sleep and it comes true in real life? It happens to me a lot, and I realized that sometimes it’s a cool thing, to get a glimpse of the future.

But that one night I dreamed of something terrible. It hurt me so bad, I feel like crap when I get up. I even decided to take a note of it, just to make sure that when it happens, I get a heads up. That note remains in my phone, and I wished I’d never even have to look at it.

But turns out the Universe thought it was my “wish”*, because it’s happening right now.
I noted every little details of that particular crappy moment, and one by one the details are showing. Until few mornings ago, when the worst detail of that dream finally showed up.


And now I’m feeling anxious of it all, because if my dream made me feel crappy, I don’t even know what would happen if it’s happening in front of my eyes. I don’t think I’m ready for it, even though I know how it will happen.

My last wish? I wish my dream will not come true. Ever.

Sounds a lot like a coward, but this time, I justify myself as being “human”, to avoid the pain even when we all know sometimes it’s inevitable.


* see the Law of Attraction and you’ll see what I mean

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