Expect the Expectations

Recently there’s this movie entitled What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which was one of those best-seller-book-made-into-a-movie. Of course, this blogpost will not be about babies or pregnancy. I’m currently thinking about expectations, how it usually ruins an experience for trying out something new. It could be about movies, books, or even a relationship.

Recently I bought two books from an online bookstore. One book I loved so much, I decided to give my review on the book, and the other, I hated so much. That book was an omnibus or also known as an anthology (one book with multiple writers), in which one of the writers was one of my favorite writer, while the other was someone I know (I don’t need to tell the details). I expected so much from these two writers, especially after I had a great time reading my first book that I ordered.

But I was very disappointed. In the words of Yoda, “Disappointed, I was.”

The book was REALLY boring. I even regretted that I bought it in the first place. Some of the comments regarding the book made me anxious to read it. Some of them said it was “very touching”, “made me want to travel”, et cetera et cetera. But not me. Not even for a bit. Maybe I expected so much, or maybe that book was not for me. Still, I was very disappointed.

If I looked back, the disappointment I felt came from my expectation about that particular book. I expected it would be “very touching” and such, but it didn’t. I thought the writing would be very satisfying, but it didn’t.

Recently a friend of mine also been expecting a particular movie. She’d been expecting it for a while, and didn’t read any reviews or synopsis of the movie. She only watched the trailer once, and it was on accident. After she watched the movie, she was disappointed, because it failed her expectation.

Expectation kills, huh?

It’s really hard not to expect so much on something you’ve been expecting for a while, isn’t it? So, should we stop expecting or start wishing for the best instead?

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2 thoughts on “Expect the Expectations

  1. ibnuhabibi says:

    I was setting my mind to not hoping, instead of expecting. Hope shapes expectation. Expectation without hope? Glory.

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