I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You. Really?

Question of the day: is it possible to like, or even fall in love with someone you haven’t met in person?
My answer: YES.

I think it’s quite an easy question to answer. There are many news about two persons who met in social medias such as Facebook, and they end up with marriage vows. Although sometimes it doesn’t end so well. Some ended up getting raped, some guy married a girl (who turned out to be a guy too), some divorced over relationship status in Facebook or wall-to-wall activities.

About ten years ago, the above question kinda became a rhetorical question. It’s a definite NO. No further explanations here. You haven’t even met the person, how can you even like or love them? And by like or love, I mean some stranger, an ordinary person, not a celebrity (I’m not saying that celebrities are not ordinary people though..). But nowadays, it’s really possible.

In my own humble opinion (and experience ;)) it’s easier to get to know someone via their activities in social medias, whether it’s what they tweeted, what they wrote in their status updates, what photos they uploaded, how they comment other statuses, and so on. Of course, you have to stalk them, but hey, aren’t people became a natural stalker when they fall in love? They want to know what the person is doing, who they’re doing it with, what’s his/her new haircut look like, whom they hang out with, or whatever it is people stalk a Facebook or Twitter account for these days. Curiosity drives them to follow the updates of the people they like/love.

It’s really apparent that what they share online (whether it’s their tweets, status updates, or blog posts) can’t really define what they really are in person. For example, people who always complain about their life can’t really be defined as a childish person. People who always share their incredible love life can’t really show that they have a happy relationship; they could be in the verge of a breakdown, who knows? Who they are online, shows a piece of their personality, what they really like in person. It might not always true though. Some people might take advantage of your good will.

For those of you who are currently falling over someone you met online, I can only hope for the best for you. Remember to take care of yourself, and always remind yourself that if you can fool others by showing your good and likeable sides, so can they.

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