Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust – The Owl City Jakarta Concert! (Part 2)

It was dark, but there were still some lights to see that Hannah, Laura, Breanne, Daniel, and Casey are entering the stage. Not long after that, Adam enters and the crowd goes wild! He wore a white shirt, a black vest, and his jeans. He looks nice 😀 He walks to the drums and started playing the intro to The Real World along with the OC Band. It was no shock to me that he can play the drums. What shocked me was that I didn’t know he can play it that good! I love you more, Adam!!

Here’s the songlist from last night’s concert:

  • The Real World
  • Cave In
  • Hello Seattle
  • Angels
  • Swimming in Miami
  • Umbrella Beach
  • I’ll Meet You There
  • Hospital Flowers
  • The Bird and The Worm
  • Lonely Lullaby
  • Fireflies
  • Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust
  • Kamikaze
  • Meteor Shower
  • January 28, 1986
  • Galaxies
  • Alligator Sky
  • Deer in the Headlights
  • The Yacht Club
  • Encore: How I Became The Sea & If My Heart was a House

As expected, Indonesia had the set B song-list. For some people, it’s kinda disappointing, since Adam didn’t sing some of their favorite track, such as Honey and The Bee or Vanilla Twilight. But I just don’t care. I think it’s still an amazing concert, whatever the set list are. I can’t even describe how awesome or amazing and beautiful the concert was! For those who reaaaaally wish to watch the concert, some of the videos from the concert are already posted in YouTube and they are available in HD 🙂 Of course, the experience are different than when you watch it live, but still, it’s still fun to watch 🙂

The experience from the concert itself was amazing. After the concert, I feel like I’m going to faint from dehydration and fatigue from standing too long, but I still feel like I can keep singing my heart out as long as the band’s still there. Nevertheless, everything have to come to an end. I walked outside, bought some water to fix my dehydration, then stood in line to get my backpack. When I walked outside to wait for my brother, the feeling I felt when I sang with the other 4999 people in the concert is still there. I feel it in my chest, and my brain keeps repeating the experience. Once again, I feel so blessed 🙂

So, I thank Adrie Subono from JAVA Musikindo for bringing Owl City to Jakarta; Axis and BCA for sponsoring the event; all the band members: Adam, Breanne, Laura, Hannah, Daniel, and Casey; the OC Crew who made all the magic possible; and other crews from JAVA Musikindo for keeping us, the spectators, in line. Without you, I wouldn’t have this experience, ever. My dreams came true, and it’s all thanks to you guys. Thank you!!

Also, Adam tweeted something interesting. My dreams may came true again next year 😉 See you again on the next Owl City concert in Jakarta!

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One thought on “Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust – The Owl City Jakarta Concert! (Part 2)

  1. Abed Saragih says:

    Wahh,,,Terima kasih untuk informasinya 🙂

    Keep Blogging


    Salam Persahabatan.

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