Owl City – All Things Bright and Beautiful Album Review

In celebrating Owl City’s upcoming sold-out concert in Jakarta, I will also review his All Things Bright and Beautiful album, which got out in June 14th, 2011. If you haven’t got the chance to buy the album on iTunes, do so right here.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

As a fan of Owl City since his Ocean Eyes album, i’m surprised as to how this new album sounds. In Ocean Eyes, Adam wowed me with his catchy tunes and soft voice. I fell in love in his music since I heard Fireflies for the first time, so I’m grateful that a friend of mine recommended this track to me in 2009. The love grows as I heard Vanilla Twilight, The Saltwater Room, Umbrella Beach, On The Wing, etc etc etc. In conclusion, I love Ocean Eyes. I still love it until now, I didn’t get enough of it 🙂

Back to All Things Bright and Beautiful, there’s a bit of improvement in the way that Adam sings. In my opinion, his voice grew more powerful than ever. By the time I reached track three, Angels, I concluded that this album should be called All Things Bright and Powerful 😛 But then I got into the fifth track, Honey and The Bee, and I can feel the same vibe as I did when I heard The Saltwater Room for the first time. Yeah, I think the duet with Breanne in this 2011 album is much better than it was in 2008. The first time I listened to all the tracks, I’m in awe as I heard Lonely Lullaby. It was nothing like what Adam used to made. It’s very…sad and honest.

If you really listened to the song lyrics in any Owl City album (or just searched it on the net), you can see that the lyrics sometimes didn’t make sense. For example, the lyrics in The Yacht Club, which goes something like:

I stood under the waterfall with a kiwi pineapple parasol
As Cinderella dropped the crystal ball
And made a concrete cavern of caterpillar concert hall

I don’t get the metaphor at all.. But, Adam did it again. As I grew fond of the album, I started to sing along, and sometimes find myself chuckling because the lyrics are so weird 🙂

So far, I love this album. Some of the tracks that listened to a lot are Honey and The Bee (duh!), Kamikaze, Galaxies, and The Yacht Club. But still, there’s not a track here that I don’t like. Every track just screams perfection to my ear. Now I can’t wait to see the concert!

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