Breanne Düren’s Sparks EP Review

I posted the lyrics to Breanne’s Sparks EP, so now I’ll give my review of the EP. First of all, I’ll explain a bit about an EP. EP is an abbreviation of Extended Play, which consist of less than 8 tracks per “album”. It can’t be necessarily called an album or a Single because of the number of tracks in it. Artists usually use an EP to promote themselves (and their music), and sometimes their upcoming album. But of course, it depends on the artist 🙂


Since Breanne’s EP only consists of five tracks, I’ll review each of them. First, the most well-known track after Daydreams, Gold Mine. Gold Mine probably the track that has the most retro feel out of all the tracks in the EP, with all the claps and retro bass feel in the beginning. Still, the drums and the vocal in my opinion still feels very sophisticated, with an ‘echo’ feel in it. You can also feel the retro touch from Breanne’s wardrobe and hairdo in her music video.

The second track, No One Else, in my opinion is the most ordinary track in this EP. Other tracks have their own “spark” in it, but this track is like your average pop music. I hate to say this, but I don’t really like her singing in this track either 😦 I always feel like she’s singing this in a half-beat delay from the music’s, until I realize maybe it’s her own style of singing. Her effort to try to make the vocal “shine” is not very succesful, and it tends to be very excessive. I say that she’s trying too hard on this track…

The opening of the third track, Catapult, reminded me of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, even the drum-playing in it are somehow similar to Viva La Vida, only it has Katy Perry’s Firework feel in it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though, since the music diversity on this time and age made it difficult for songwriters to write an original music. I have to admit that this track has the most flare and beat in it. Also, I bet if there’s going to be an Angry Birds movie, this track will be the first candidate to be the soundtrack :p

As I mentioned in the Daydreams Lyrics post, the fourth track have three versions. The demo version was still very basic, so I’m glad that Breanne upgraded the track a lot in her EP. Maybe she finally use her Gaia to a good use and make a killer tune from it :p So far, this track is the most well-known track, and you can find many cover versions on YouTube. It’s no shocker, since the lyrics to this track are very common to teenagers, especially those in love 🙂

The last track, Summer Days, is my favourite track, since I’m a sucker for orchestral background. Even if the song tends to have this sad feeling in it, the music itself is very grand. I also like Breanne’s vocal in this track. In some lines I can still feel that she’s trying a little bit too hard to make her vocal shines, but overall, it’s just great.

In conclusion, do I think she’s ready for a full-album? Yes, that’s for sure. She’s got the talent for song-writing. Her music is unique, in a way that people can still relate to it. She only needs some honing in her vocal, which I think is very common for any vocalist, right? I’m looking forward for her next album or EPs 🙂

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