Breanne Düren’s 2008 Self-Titled Album Review

As I did on the Sparks EP, I will review Breanne’s self-titled album. If you compare the lyrics, the lyrics in Sparks have improved quite significantly. The lyrics in the 2008 album almost feels like Breanne’s telling us about her life, how she feels about something in her own words, while in Sparks you can see that she’s using more meaningful and common words in her lyrics. You can actually sing along with Sparks, while with her 2008 album you kind of just listened to her music.

But still, compared to Sparks, I like the music in the 2008 album better. I can relate to it more than Sparks, and in some way, I feel that this is the real voice of Breanne, this is her real music. I’m not saying that Sparks is something that she made up intentionally, I just somehow feel that in some point, I feel that she’s trying a little bit too hard. For example, I like her voice in the 2008 album compared to Sparks. You may call it a common pop voice, but with her music in the self-titled album, it’s just perfect.

For some people, the 2008 album consists of mood music, or in other words, the music that you’ll heard in a bar or a jazz cafe, where you’re occupied with your book or your conversations and not really listened to the music playing in the background. I won’t deny it, since some songs like Warm Water, They Call Me October, After You, Who’s to Blame, and Steady have that jazzy and easy-listening feel into it. But, some songs like Lenses, Black Coffee, Doctor, No Magic Show, Speak, and Untitled are not that simple at all, right? Every song in this album has its own personality, and, this is my own opinion, very original. This is Breanne Duren.

At this point on, I think it’s very clear which Breanne’s album I like better, right? In the end, I hope that in the future she combined her originality in the 2008 album with the fun and fresh Breanne from Sparks 🙂

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