Breanne Düren!

So I have a new idol that I just discovered a few days ago. Her name is Breanne Düren, and she’s one of Owl City’s additional player.

Yes, she's an angel.

I’ve recognized her since… i don’t know when -,-a But I just listened to her EP and I loved it! Check her out on iTunes!

Sparks EP

I’ve started to search for more infos on her music, and it turns out that in 2008 she already released a self-titled album. I gave it a listen, and i’m speechless… The first track, Lenses, reminded me of Lenka, but her dreamy voice is just… darn, I just can’t find the right words! Then I listened the second, third, until the twelfth track, and I concluded that I. Love. Her Music! Her self-titled album is very calming, just my kind of music! Gave it a listen here, since it’s not available on iTunes.

Did it hurt, when you fall from Heaven?

If you’re into easy-listening tracks, I highly recommended her. But if you’re not into soft and (some people call this) whiny, then this album was not for you. Do check her out, people! 🙂

I’ll post her lyrics from Sparks and her 2008 self-titled album. Meanwhile, you can check her Gold Mine and No One Else official music video on YouTube. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Breanne Düren!

  1. […] same vibe as I did when I heard The Saltwater Room for the first time. Yeah, I think the duet with Breanne in this 2011 album is much better than it was in 2008. The first time I listened to all the tracks, […]

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