It’s as simple as O-K-I, people!!!

This has got to be my shortest blog post ever, since I don’t have that much to say here but I feel the urge of posting it.

This morning I read my friend’s blog, where she basically told about how people write her name wrong. I’ve been in this situation quite a few times, that’s where I developed this sensitivity toward writing people’s names. I’ve always tried my best to spell their name right, but apparently this doesn’t happen to me.

As you can see in my facebook page, my name is Oki, but people tend to complicate things by writing my name Okky, Oky, Okki, etc. And I’m like, WTF??? My parents gave me the simplest name ever (I guess), yet people always messing around with me by writing my name wrong.

Come on people, it’s only three letters! God!


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