Cafe World: The Basics (Part 3)

In this part I will explain about many things you need to consider after learning how to cook.

First, about serving the food. When you done cooking your food, your chef will bring it to the counter. At first you will only have three counters, but you can buy more as you level up. Here are some things you need to know about counters: each counter can only have one KIND of food, but unlimited servings of it (as far as I know). For example, if you cook 3 servings of Bacon Cheeseburger, you will only need one counter for them. But, if you cook Bacon Cheeseburger and another kind of food on the stove, you will need another counter to serve it when it’s done cooking.

When a customer walks in, they will sit on a chair next to a table. As I said before in my previous post, one customer need one chair and one table, so two chairs for a table is a big NO. After they sit, your waiter will bring a food from your counter to the customer. If you have more than one kind of food, your waiter will bring random food to your customer. For example, if you have Bacon Cheeseburger and Super Chunk Fruit Salad on your counters, and a customer sits in one of your chair, you can’t order your waiter to serve Bacon Cheeseburger instead of Super Chunk Fruit Salad for your customer just because it worth more than the other. Just relax and let it flows by, since they will run out eventually and you’ll get all the coins you need. After the customer eats, they will pay for the food and give you 0,1 buzz rating. Oh, don’t worry about the dirty plates, your waiter will clean after them.

Second, the Buzz Rating. Since my previous posts, I mention a lot about these, huh? Basically it’s the points to show how popular your café is. You start with 5 buzz rating and can maximize it to 105. It’s actually one of the key points to earn more money in a quick time, because more buzz rating means more customers.

You know that the customer will give you 0,1 buzz rating after they finished eating. But, you have to remember that once a customer walks in, they will find every possibility to walk out of your café and give you -0,5 buzz rating. It’s seriously bad though… Here are some things that can make a customer angry and leave your café: if there are no seat or table left for them to eat in, if they are sitting next to a table with a dirty plate on it, and if there are no food left to serve.

To achieve the highest buzz rating, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Maximize the amount of space you have in your café for tables and chairs, but with rooms left for the customers to reach the table. When you have some excess coins, use it to expand your café.
  2. Make sure the waiter/waitress can reach the counter and the tables quickly.
  3. Keep cooking! Never leave your café with empty counters. Make sure there’s at least one counter with some servings on it.
  4. Buzz Rating can only be achieved through serving your food. Luxurious café doesn’t always mean high Buzz Rating. You can still achieve 105 buzz rating with the cheapest items.

Note that it’s not always good to have a high Buzz Rating. At a Buzz Rating above 70, you will start getting customers at a rapid pace. At 105 Buzz Rating there is about one customer for every 10 seconds. Which means, at 105 Buzz rating you will have about 360 servings eaten every hour. That’s why I don’t advise you to have more than two doors in your café. More doors mean more customers pouring in, which means more tables and chairs needed.

But rest assured, your Buzz Rating freezes if you are not playing. When you are not playing, your food will still be served to your customers and you will gain some coins that way, but you won’t gain any Buzz Ratings as you usually do.

Here’s a nifty tip. When you run out of food in the counter, and are still waiting for the food to finish cooking, you can close your café by drag your doors to your Customize menu tab. That way, you will have no customers pouring in while waiting for the food to finish cooking. When you have some foods in the counter and are ready for business, you can open the Customize tab and put your door back to the original place.

Third, about Neighbors. When you send a Café World Neighbors invitation to your friends and they accept it, they will be added to this tab. Or, you can also accept their invitation too. You can have as many neighbors as you like. Don’t hesitate to add as many neighbors as you possibly can! When you go over into the Neighbors tab, you will see a list of your friends who is playing Café World. Just click the ‘Add as a Neighbor’ button and the invitation will be sent automatically. You can also send invitation to your friends that are not playing it. Who knows, they might be interested in playing the game as well 🙂

The good thing about having many neighbors is you can gain 5 café points and 20 coins every time you visit your neighbor and eating their food. This can only occur once a day though. And after you visit 20 neighbors in one day, the café points you gain is lowered to 1 point per neighbor. You can also send and receive gifts from them. If you send them gifts regularly, they will most likely to return the favor.

Another thing is that you can measure how far you are in the game to them, like I do 🙂 For example, currently I’m in 9th place out of my 19 neighbors. You can also check out their café designs as an inspiration to upgrade your café. Trust me, rather than buying the decorations and try it out yourself, it’s much better to check out their design to see what’s good to put in your café and what’s not.

I think that’s enough for now. Next, I’ll explain how to maximize your café business and gain levels quickly!


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