Cafe World: The Basics (Part 2)

Once you understand the basic things in the game, it’s really easy to start. When you start the game for the very first time, you will be given a guide on how to cook your food, clean after spoiled food, and clean after dirty stoves. And of course, you will have to choose your first waiter/waitress. You can choose whoever you like in your friend list. Note that even if you choose a high level Café World player as your waiter/waitress, the serving time to your customer is the same as your non-playing friend.

Here’s a general flow of the game:

Cook the food – serve the food – customers eat the food – you get more café coins and buzz rating.

As long as you have enough food on the counter and waiter/waitress to serve the food, this flow will go on even if you turn off the game. More details on this later.

You can choose any kind of dish to cook. Just remember to serve it if it’s finished cooking. For example, the most basic food is the Bacon Cheeseburger. You will see these stats on your Cook Book or when you click on the stove to cook them.

After you click the Buy icon, your chef will prepare the food on the stove, and it’s your job to click on it to start cooking it. You need three clicks on each food you want to cook, and after that, the dish started to cook. All you have to do is wait for them to finish.

When you cook the food, you get some café points for preparing the food, serve the food, and cleaning the stove. Here’s a simple example for Bacon Cheeseburger on a stove. When you click on the stove and choose the Bacon Cheeseburger, your chef will prepare the food, which costs you 15 coins for cooking it. Next, you will need 3 clicks to start cooking it. For Bacon Cheeseburger, you will get 1 café points for each click. After 4 minutes, the food is ready to serve. When you click on the stove to serve them, you’ll get 3 café points. And when you clean the stove, it’ll cost you 15 coins, but will earn you 1 café points for any kind of dish you cook.

Here’s a nifty tip: Instead of paying 15 coins for each stove-cleaning action, you can put your dirty stove in the Functions menu tab. When you put it back to your café, it will be clean. You can save 15 coins, but you won’t gain 1 café points for cleaning each dirty stove as you usually do. It’s your choice though.

Some notes here, the café points you earn when you prepare the food and serve the food differs for each food. Here’s a comparison when you cook 5-minutes-to-cook Bacon Cheeseburger and 4-hours-to-cook French Onion Soup.

Bacon Cheeseburger: 3 café points for preparing the food (1 café point for each click), 3 café points for serving the food, and 1 café points for cleaning the stove. Total: 7 café points.

French Onion Soup: 12 café points for preparing the food (4 café points for each click), 48 café points for serving the food, and 1 café points for cleaning the stove. Total: 61 café points.

As you can see, the café points you get for preparing the food and serving the food differs on HOW LONG IT TAKES TO COOK THE FOOD. The longer it takes to cook the food, the more café points you’ll get. Simple food cooks fast, but less café points. Just remember to serve the food after you cook them, and you will overflow with café points, which makes it easy for you to level up and gain more access to more food.

Oh, here’s another thing. Longer-to-cook foods are usually serves for large amount of customers, which can get you more coins. For example, French Onion Soup takes 4 hours to cook, but serves 205 customers and can get you a total of 615 coins when you done cooking and serving. The amount of servings is related in increasing your buzz rating, which I will explain more later.

As I said before, longer-to-cook foods give you more café points, servings, and café coins. But you have to remember to SERVE THEM. For example, when you’re cooking 4-hours-to-cook French Onion Soup, you’ll have to remember to serve them 4 hours later. Note that there’s a spoil time for each food, and it differs, depend on its cooking time. The spoil time for each dish is about 100% of the cook time. For example, the Bacon Cheeseburger takes 5 minutes to cook, and if you don’t serve it afterwards, you got another 5 minutes of time to serve it before it spoils. When a food spoils, you lose it completely, and won’t get any café points or café coins from it. Although you’ll get a reward for a certain amount of spoiled food :p

You can also delete the food you’re cooking or serving by clicking on them. Simply click the in-cooking-progress food or food on the counter and select ‘Yes’ from the Delete Dish Confirmation pop-up. Be careful though, since deleted food can’t be returned.


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