Cafe World: The Basics (Part 1)

Okay, he’s the boring stuff for you advanced Café World Chefs… The Basics…  You can skip this post if you’ve understand the Basics.

Here are the general things you found in your café:

  1. The café itself. It’s basically the area where your cook your food and serve it. You can customize it too. You’ve started with a small area, but you can expand it using your cafe coins. I’ll explain how to do it later.
  2. The chef. Well, this is you. Your job is to cook the food. You can change the dorky look on your chef by clicking it. Just remember that you have to buy it using café coins…
  3. The waiter/waitress. This is your friend. You can choose it from your Facebook friend list via Café World, even though they aren’t playing it. Basically, their job is to serve the food. They take the food from the counter, serve it to your customers, and clean the dirty plates. Don’t worry about them, they do it automatically.
  4. Stoves. This is the life of your café, and, well, the joy of the game 🙂 You cook you food with it. You start off with four stoves, and gain more as you Level Up. You should have as many stoves as you possibly can to maximize your café points. More about this later
  5. Counters. When you finish cooking your food, your chef will bring the food to your counter. You start with three, and gain more as you Level Up. Each counter can only contain one kind of food, but with unlimited serving. For example, if you cook 4 servings of Bacon Cheeseburgers, it will only need one counter. You have to have at least one counter in your café.
  6. Chairs and Tables. Here’s where your customers sit and eat their food. You need one chair and one table for each customer.
  7. The customer. He/she could be your Facebook friend, or just an animated avatar made by Zynga.
  8. Café Coins. This is your blood in café world… Without coins, you can’t cook the food. If you can’t cook the food, you have no earning… Get my point? Spend it wisely on foods, decorations, stoves, counters, expanding the café, etc. Maybe this is kinda stupid, but I think I should tell you, COINS ARE NOT CASH. You can’t cash it into your everyday money in real life (even though I wish I could…).
  9. Café Cash. Yes, this is the real one… Basically you buy them with your money to convert it into Café Cash. I don’t use this, so I don’t think it’s really important
  10. Café Points and Level. Like any kind of games, you can earn the café points by playing the game. When you Level Up, you gain access to more foods with more café points.
  11. Café Name. You can change the name of your café by clicking it. Name it anything you like.
  12. Buzz Rating. Basically, this is the score of your café. When your customer is done eating, they add 0,1 buzz rating onto your café, but if they aren’t, they will leave and decrease it for 0,5 points. You started with 5 buzz rating and can maximize it to 105. I’ll explain more about this later.

Okay, next are menu tabs. Here are the things you can found.

a. New Gift tab. You will find list of new gifts that you can give to your neighbors or Facebook friends. Gifts are free, but limited to one gift for every friend in one day.

b. Manage Friends tab. You can manage your waiter/waitress here. And by manage, I mean adding or firing them. You can add more waiter/waitress for free as you Level Up.

c. Customize tab. You can decorate your café with list of things you can buy here using café cash and café coins. You can buy tables, chairs, doors, wallpapers, tiles, and other nifty decorations for your café here.

d. Change Clothes tab. You can customize your avatar here if you can’t find your chef in the midst of your customers :p Note that you need some café coins to customize it.

e. Cookbook tab. It’s the list of foods you can cook, its cost, selling price, number of servings, and how long it takes to cook until it’s ready to serve. You gain access to more foods as you level up.

f. Functional tab. This is where you buy your stoves and counters. You can buy more unique stoves and counters as you level up. Note that it doesn’t change the amount of time needed to cook the food or the selling price of each food.

g. Expand tab. You can expand your café using café cash or café coins. Bigger café means more room for tables and chairs, and can maximize your earning.

h. Spice Rack tab. It’s a new feature which added recently in Café World. I will explain more about these.

i. Mystery Crate tab. You will find these buttons on special occasions. For example, when I made the picture, I was in the Winter Game occasion and Chinese New Year occasion. Basically you buy these mystery gifts using Café Cash. I never use these buttons though…

j. Gift tab. You can see the gifts that your friends sent you. You can also ‘made’ you’re a gift for yourself by cooking the food you never cook before, or reach a chef’s special by cooking a certain amount of food in your stove. Each gift may vary on the number of servings, but usually it’s 100 servings of ready-to-cook food. You can use this gift if your counters are empty to keep the business flowing while you cook the food.

k. Medals tab. Basically it’s the achievements you have as you progress in the game. You can get a certain amount of café coins or café points based on what kind of achievement you gain. I’ll explain about these later.

l. The Handy Buttons. Basically, they are the settings buttons. You can find the Save Game, Quality Toggle, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Music, and Sound button. Here’s a brief explanation for each buttons. Save the game by Save Game button, toggle to image quality using the Quality Toggle button if your computer’s specs don’t really support fine quality for playing the game, zoom in and zoom out your Café World window using the Zoom In and Zoom out button, turn the Music and Sound on or off using the Music and Sound buttons.

Next, I’ll explain about what to do in your café.


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