Cafe World: Spice Rack

The Spice Rack Tab is an upgrade which added recently by Zynga. To make your own Spice Rack, you need to complete the materials needed. The materials are: 5 shelves, 5 small jars, 5 medium jars, 5 large jars, and 15 lids. Everytime you gather one kind of material, you will get something from it. For example, I gain 1 café item (spice rack) after I completed my shelf-gathering and 1000 coins for small jar-gathering. You can also ‘Ask for Help’ to your Facebook friends by clicking the button to send a notification to your friends’ News Feed.

Supposedly, when you gather just about everything and the Exotic Spices are already available, you can improve your cooking! I don’t really know what it means, but I’ve got a feeling that you can raise food’s worth, increase its serving amount, shorten or prolong the cooking time, or prevent the food from spoiling.

Before the Spice Rack upgrade, Zynga took some poll for every Café World players to ask what kind of improvement that they want for Café World, so I think the Spice Rack is the kind of upgrade that they wish can fulfill Café World Chefs 🙂 What kind of improvement Zynga offers? We’ll see. I’ll update this post when they gave the official announcement.


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