Cafe World: Advanced Playing

If you enter Café World Tips and Tricks on Google, you probably got through Café World Domination, the proven guide for advancing quickly in Café World. Well, I didn’t buy it, so I don’t really know what’s inside the book. I got through level 30 in less than a month through sheer determination alone, with no cheat usage. And I advise you to do the same… Although cheats will give you quicker results, they tend to fail too. I’ve read about people who use it and had their 2-days-to-cook food to disappear! Bummer, huh…

Okay, enough with the chit-chats, let’s go through the Advanced tips. Now that you’ve understand the basics, it’ll be easier for me to share my experiences 🙂

First, plan ahead your cooking schedule. You need to plan it in order to maximize your playtime. If you know you’re going to be gone in an hour, cook something that will take an hour to cook, like Tikka Masala Kabobs. If you’re tired and want to go to sleep, cook something that will be finished by the time you woke up, such as Spaghetti and Meatballs, Stardust Stew, or Bacon and Eggs. The idea is to have freshly cooked foods waiting to be served when you’re online.

But when you’re online for a while and sits in front of your computer, it’s best if you make ONLY Super Chunk Fruit Salad and Bacon Cheeseburgers until you leave. And when you do want to leave, cook something that will take some time until you can back online again. Why?

Because Bacon Cheeseburgers have the biggest profit and café points based on time. In 5 minutes you can gain 7 café points on one burger and 52 coins when it’s eaten. If you cook it on five stoves, that will be 35 café points and 260 coins in 5 minutes. But the problem is, at a high Buzz Rating, you’ll sell out your Cheeseburgers before you can finish cooking the next batch. Therefore, you should also concentrate on Super Chunk Fruit Salad, which has 100 servings for 15 minutes of cooking time. It’s better if you concentrate on making Salads first for the first hour and start cooking on the Burgers next.

Second, maximize the waiter/waitress performance. You can design your café in a Sushi Restaurant design, to make it easier for the waiter/waitress to serve the food and clean the dirty plates, like this:

OR, you can surround your waiter/waitress by the counters and the walls. If you do so, they will automatically serve customers and clean up after them without moving to the table. By using the waiter/waitress exploit, you only need ONE waiter/waitress, since serving is extremely quick. Just make sure that the counters are still accessible.

Third, maximize the cook’s performance. If your cook is surrounded by his stoves and can’t reach the counters, he/she will automatically place the food on the counters when you click the stoves to serve the food. It’s not as useful as the waiter/waitress exploit, but it’ll be quicker than waiting for the cook to serve the food from the stove to the counter.

Here’s a tip for all the beginner players or advanced players. Start upgrading your café (buying decorations or other nifty things) when you’ve reached level 30 or so. Before level 30, it’s kinda hard to gain coins, since most of your earning will be for buying more tables, chairs, stoves, counters, or saing for café expanding. You should only start upgrading all of your equipment if you are sure you have the coins to do so. As I said before, you can still reach 105 buzz rating with the cheapest items.

Here’s the layout of my current café.

As you can see, currently I’m using the Cafeteria design for my 12×13 café, since I’m still saving up to upgrade my café into Extravagant Café which needs about 999,999 café coins… I’m using the Waiter Exploit to maximize my Buzz Rating, by putting the counters in the corner and join it with the stoves. You can see that although I’m using 33 sets of tables and chairs, there are still some space for more tables and chairs, but since I use the Waiter Exploit, the Cafeteria design still leave many chairs and tables for new customers to use, so I don’t think it’s necessary to add another table or chair.


One thought on “Cafe World: Advanced Playing

  1. Handy tips, thanks.

    I think the most important one is surrounding your waiters/waitresses particularly when you’re starting out. It really helps get your buzz rating out.

    Check my blog, I wrote about cafe world too!

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