Cafe World Addiction!

In my previous blog, I mention about my addiction to Café World, one of Zynga’s game in Facebook. And when I said addiction, it really is an addiction. I started to play this game on 4th of February 2010, and when until the day I write this post, 23rd of February 2010, I’ve played every day. Whaddya know, I’ve reached level 30 in less than a month. Pretty cool, huh? It’s because the game is so simple! And heck, I don’t need any cheats to do so!

The goal for this game is… Well, there’s no goal actually… Just like most of online games, Café World doesn’t have a goal, you just play and play until you got bored and eventually got tired of it. One of my friends asked me why I played this game. She said with a grumpy tone, “Why are you playing this game anyway? Is there any goal to this?” I answered, “Well, no…” “THEN WHY BOTHER PLAYING IT??” Sure, she’s not a gamer, so she wouldn’t understand why, but for those of you who played this game and in the same situation as I am, you would understand it, right? :p

But I actually set a goal of my own. It’s like a means to an end for me. My goal is to outrun my other friend, and he’s currently on level 62… Only God knows how long he’s been playing :p But when you look at his café, all the expensive decorations, the shining tables, it just made you want to outrun him!

Okay, enough of that… For the next posts, I will try to explain the basic of the game, and of course, the tips and trick! Ooh I love tips and tricks :p I’ve got plenty of it on the net, so I’ll try my best to gather it all 🙂

And from now on, unlike my previous posts, I will try to write my posts in English. It’ll be like a practice for my written English :p


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