About Harder Than You Know…

Lagu ini direkomendasikan sama temen gw, jadi sebelumnya I have no idea at all about this song.

Pertama denger, beginilah reaksi gw, “Ih, lagunya kok pake teriak-teriak gini?”

Hipotesis: gw ga suka sama lagunya. Aneh.

Trus pas nyari liriknya (kebiasaan gw kalo abis download lagu baru: learning the song!) dan gw edit di kompi, baru deh gw ngerti kenapa penyanyinya teriak-teriak gitu.

Jadi, kesan gw yang kedua sampe sekarang adalah: “Ini lagu gw banget.”

Sure, when you’re trying to forget someone you love, it hurts like hell. Ok, it’s an excessive thought.. I mean, you have this weird feeling in your chest. I never had a heart attack (hopefully), but i think the feeling in your chest is the same. Honestly, it hurts.. Maybe that’s why most people cry when they’re leaving or being left out by someone they love. And i felt the same way for the same person twice.

Wait, scratch that. Three times. God, it may not hurt like hell the third time, but still hurts..

Gw selalu ingat sama kata-kata ini: cinta itu ga harus memiliki. Bullshit.. When you love someone, you want to have him/her completely, vice versa. I thought i could bear the fact that the person i love already love someone else. But i’m not. I never could get past that..


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